HitRecord - OnBoarding

Community members were contacting support due to a lack of understanding on the project contributor side, we set out to add an educational path to the onboarding flow.
Branden Ushijima
Betina Martin

Identifying Dropd-off

Community members were feeling lost after signing up on the app. They were exploring and browsing different areas of the app but there was a missing educational piece that was crucial to a successful contribution. We wanted to educate and motivate our members to get involved.

Information Architecture

We identified three type of contributions that members could most easily partake in on mobile devices, we broke them down to Writing, Photography and Audio.

This was established by providing media types that were easiest for members to contribute to while on the go. Each contribution has a resources that was submitted by the previous user who went through the onboarding flow.

We took the existing contribution flow for each media type but simplified the flow, by removing the capability of adding resources and tags out of the process. This needed to be quick and easy, as new users would be unfamiliar with the flow. Users are more likely to abandon the flow due to unfamiliarity, simplifying the process and keeping it basic was key.

As a new contribution comes in, it becomes a resource asset for the next user that will go through the onboarding flow.

Wireframe Explorations

We wanted to give users the option to choose their experience. They could select from Writing, Voice Over or Photography flows. We chose a card method to delivery these options, prompts created have a character limit of 170 characters, this layout would allow us to lengthen the card depending on the length of the characters.

User Interface

We paired each card and interest type with an illustration to give it some visual support, since prompts are purely text based. Each color correlates with the interest type, if you select a certain path, that color would be carried throughout the experience.

Final Design

In this interaction, a community member goes through the the Voice Acting flow. Utilizing some native iOS interaction patterns we successfully get new users on board by having them use the VO tool right out of the gate.